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Cynthia B. Kearney, M.Ed., LPC 

Counselor and Educator


My career currently spans over 26 years, and during that time I have worked with many amazing people. Having served as a teacher turned counselor, I know how overwhelming some situations in life can be for children, teens, and adults. Most important, throughout my career, I have always been amazed at how resilient people can be when they are focused on taking steps towards their preferred future or success.


As a certified teacher, academic counselor, crisis counselor, and licensed professional therapist, in my work I continue to notice the incredible gifts and resources that all individuals have that can lead to them experiencing success in life.  Cynthia speaks in the community about topics such as solution-focused practices when parenting, girls' empowerment,  and solution-focused skills/approaches used in the classroom. 


I use the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy approach when working with clients. This approach assumes that all clients can make their lives better.

Cinnamon Tree Counseling and the SFBT Approach

What to expect at a Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Session?

It is a  life-enhancing opportunity that cultivates a positive change, balance, and/or direction in a client's life. We will not focus on the problems that have caused you to seek counseling or therapy, instead, we will have conversations that will focus on growth and your preferred future. During the Solution Focused Brief Therapy session we will build on your strengths; moreover, our focus will be about accomplishing your best hopes and not rehashing problems. However, retelling the problem may be effective in some therapeutic situations, but it is not in most therapeutic conversations. Often recapping the issue that brought you to counseling is painful, self-defeating, and unnecessary; however, listening for and noticing hints of successful experiences or future possibilities is empowering.

So, let’s talk Solutions!



Call (940) 282-7373 for a free 15-minute consultation.

 Mrs. Kearney is a genuine teacher.  She is one of those talented and resourceful individuals who has the gift of teaching and the ability to relate the essential components of learning to students in order for them to be successful.

Hubert Pickett, Jr. - former Jefferson Middle School, Principal,

Abilene Texas

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